Accent - Collapsible paddles - The Accent 4 piece breakdown paddles we used were a touring paddle but they fitted the bill nicely. 210cm length required for packrafts, tick. Strong durable blades, tick. Very light, tick. Deane used an Accent white water 4 piece slightly bigger blade, touch stronger and a unique and funky joining system.

This 4 piece split paddle was awesome! The patented system for adjusting the feather angle was extremely easy to use, was compact enough to fit along my handle harness and the plastic blades might be a touch heavier than other materials but allowed for flexion when compressing down in the handle bar harness.
— Muel
Collapsed Paddle attached to handle bar roll 

Collapsed Paddle attached to handle bar roll 

The accent paddle surprised me with its strength, the blades while flexible were powerful in the water and not susceptible to damage being carried on the bike.  The shaft was grippy and the spigots made the joins tight.  The coolest feature was the joiners a unique design that looks cumbersome but is actually really practical making it easier for quicker transitions with tired hands.
— Deane Parker