Extremely light, comfortable and adjusts down well around torso. Two handy little pockets on the front for holding snack bars and lip balm. Even has an attachment point for a knife....or in our expedition, a spoon!
— Muel
Scoping lines and moves 

Scoping lines and moves 

Astral buoyancy aids are by far some of the most engineered river gear ever created and the YTV is no exception. Minimal but snug fitting, heaps of buoyancy, and 2 compact pockets make this garment a good choice for packrafting due to its compact size.
— Deane Parker
I was Impressed by the size and weight of the Astral YTV PFD. We had some pretty big days 8 to 9 hours paddling on the Clarence river and no issues. The zip pockets were crucial for me to keep food in for the day. Been able to carry the PFD’s on our bike or packs was critical on this trip and the minimal size really helped strapping to bike packing gear.
— Damian Stones